The IMPC Telecom’s Way

In a crowded world full of choice………….Why choose IMPC?

IMPC can save your business time and money by ensuring that all of your referrals are on the best possible tariff and all have the right equipment to communicate efficiently in today’s modern mobile environment.

  1. Saving you Time and Money;

    • IMPC can offer your business the full service, from the start to the end of your contract.

    • We provide detailed diagnostics, constant account monitoring and cost saving re-evaluation.

    • These three aspects are why we can offer the best price to suit your exact needs.

  1. We excel in our ability to apply true cost saving benefit and by supplying equipment that improves efficiency we save your company time and money.

  1. We offer detailed and precise information with no hidden costs.

  1. We are the only mobile phone company to be recognised by Trading Standards in three separate areas.

  1. IMPC are a proud member of The Association of Cost Management Consultants.

  1. We can provide a far wider selection of hardware that other traders fail to offer.

  1. We can supply all the latest accessories and car kits for true flexibility with your hardware.

From the start to the end of your contract IMPC can save your business time and money by improving the efficiency of your communications and ensuring you’re on the best possible tariff.